This page supports my simple plan team members, so some areas are password protected.

If you like what you do see here, I encourage you to hook up with us and see the rest. Very few teams can provide what you can learn here and this is just the beginning.

Getting Started

Here are a few simple things you should do free (if you haven't already) before you get started:

  • Set Up Two Gmail Accounts.
  • I use one for the accounts we promote and the other for signing up to offers I don't want flooding my main email inbox. They are free to use and Gmail is best for this niche.

  • Have a second Facebook and Twitter account too.
  • You should use these while signing up to offers that you don't want on your main Social Networking Timelines.

  • Install the free ClixAddOn Toolbar on your browser.
  • You will want to be notified when new money is waiting and it also lets you keep track easier. Finally it earns free bonus money on your daily checklist.

  • Switch To Our Team If You Can!
  • Even if you already signed up for Clixsense, check your Affiliate Program Details to see if you have an active sponsor, if not you can submit a support ticket and ask to switch to one of us. That will get you access to the password protected areas of this website and an invitation to our private email list for more help.

    Once you get set up, USE the tools AIOP provides to demonstrate them to others in a natural way. The more people see you using them, the greater the odds are that they will want to do the same thing. Don't be the teen-age boy that goes to the school dance to wink at the girls in the dark!

Learning New Skills

If there is one thing I am most thankful for (in regards to my Internet journey), it's that I took the time to learn how to create my own stuff. I have edited hundreds of web pages to fit my own agenda, edited graphics files that you can do free with and learned to write my own copy that has yielded more referrals for various programs and website ventures than I can even count.

Once you learn anything at all online, you are way ahead of most people who try to earn here. Why not offer them a little help from someone who started in the same place they are now. They won't have that fear factor that freezes them in the headlights when they try working with some get rich guru, so you will have a distinct advantage. Just set up a Simple Page and share your experiences, it's that simple.

To be honest, the reason I make new plans pay from day one is because I know people I have worked with in the past (that know, like and trust me). That is the position you want to be in and I can help you get there.

If you are the least bit interested in this stuff, this is like getting a free paid scholorship to an Internet Marketing University along with a personal mentor that can eventually help you turn this into an income, by using skills that will last you for a lifetime!

Tutorial Videos You Can Use

Web Updates

How to use a splash page to get people involved in what you are doing without knowing any HTML.

Cheaper Photoshop Editing

This is a 2007 video that is what I still use! I now have version 10 ($20) so it runs better on Windows 10 and I edit all my web page graphics with this.

(More Videos Coming Soon)

I use videos to help others and love doing it.