I started wondering, how many people looking for money online today, could be happy spending a few minutes a day to have an easy couple hundred a month consistantly showing up in the bank?

What's In Your Wallet?

MeI retired in September of 2000 and it took me a few years to figure it out, but then it finally hit me. We had enough income to meet our needs, but my wants were suffering. I needed something interesting to do anyway, so why not pick something that PAYS?

Now I can not only depend on always having cash in my wallet, but I love having a grand or two in my Internet Fund that I can tap any time I need more, without taking it from our normal household budget. I talk with people online who want the same thing, but they often have excuses why they don't believe it will work for them.

Anyway, I want to answer the Most Frequent Excuses I hear, Right Up Front.

  • "I Don't Have Enough Time."
  • I can get you started making a few cents in as little as 20 minutes a day and expand on that. Once you start seeing actual cash showing up in your account, you will probably find more time. If you don't even have 20 minutes you can stop reading now, because I don't know anything that can help you.

  • "I don't have any money to start."
  • Another very popular excuse, but it doesn't take any money to make money (that is just a myth). There are people willing to pay you just to view advertising. Can you imagine how much you would have by now, if you got paid every time you watched a TV commercial?

  • "I CAN'T get other people to join."
  • It's true that on most of these type websites, you need referrals to make much income. What if I showed you one method that MANY of us have successfully used for a decade or more, would that change your thinking? Because once I can change your thinking, it becomes easy. (anyone can do it once they know how)

    I could go on, but this should give you the idea behind my philosophy. Start with something simple that supplies free money to work with and helps you learn how to promote. If you can't give away free money(with my help), there is not much hope you will be able to sell anything for big profits, is there?

    I made a post back in April 2016 on a Forum I frequent, where a lot of people are looking for ways to make money online. Click the red button below to read a few of the responses and knowing what real people actually think might help you gain more confidence.


ANYONE Can Make Money Like This!
(Try This Simple Free Plan And Even If You QUIT . . . It Will Be With a PROFIT!)

Too many people think Paid To Click websites are a waste of time, so they turn their nose up at making pennies per month for spending hours doing mundane frustrating activities and getting nowhere fast.

What if I showed you how to turn those pennies into hundred dollar bills because you picked up your laptop while you watch TV for a couple of hours a night?

Clixsense has been reliably paying since 2007, but the real money for any money making system, is in getting new referrals because you share how good it is (once you know how to use it!) We can even earn more by finding those who have already joined and gone inactive, since this page is for them too.

I was one of them, until I discovered how I could make enough by following this simple plan, to turn on a residual income that keeps earning long after I go to bed. The best part is, once most people find out just how simple it is, they keep right on doing it while we go find more to have an even better story to share. As a player on our team, you get our insiders play book and team updates to make it work for you too!

This is a typical night for me now:

The objective is NOT to see how much I can earn clicking ads, but to comfortably generate enough to support the entire plan. Notice on the image below, I cashout once a week and I already have $11.22 earned this week. This is mid-February and I have already earned $80 this year and $513 last year, so it keeps right on going. Being a Premium Member lets me earn a bonus every day I complete the checklist, (which is like playing a game I always win).

I spend less than half an hour to qualify for the daily bonus by clicking at least 6 ads, viewing 20 ads on the ClixGrid, do a couple of offers (I can show you where to find the easy ones) and pay a quick visit to the forum. Then throughout the next day, I drop by to click a few more easy offers. Yes, some of them can be frustrating if you let them get to you, but now that I see the potential this plan has, it doesn't bother me at all.

As the plan continues to grow, we spend less and less time on Clixsense and still generate more than enough money to support this simple plan. Once people see that, it truly eliminate the objection people have to Paid To Click websites for good.

Clixsense Is Just The Door Opener!

Like so many time intensive websites (like Clixsense), the real money is in getting active referrals that earn for you on autopilot. When they apply the support they get, they will keep earning for both of you and never quit. You don't need to be a Guru, just be pass on what was passed on to you.
  • Even I wouldn't want to depend on Clixsense alone for a serious income, but it does earn more than enough to fund this entire plan. The only cost is $17 a YEAR (5 cents a day) that you can easily earn back in a couple of weeks and never spend another penny out of pocket.
    From that point on, all it takes is as little as an hour a day to experience real success.

  • It does take a few tools, but we only buy what is absolutely needed (after we have the cash in hand) and even then, pay the lowest price for the highest quality available.
    Less than 40 cents a day from my Clixsense Profits supplies everything necessary to run this entire system and I start getting back 10 Dollar Bills instead of pennies (beginning immediately)!

  • The key to making money online is to provide a product people will gladly pay for every month and keep right on using it, because they see it keeps making them more money.
    I deliver the free training and support you need to succeed and skip the self-serving nonsense flooding today's Internet.

  • Keep it simple and flexible.
    ANYONE can master this in minutes and do it anytime of the day or night when they have a little free time, WITHOUT quitting what they already do.

All we do to make this work, is carefully place ads for this page in strategic locations I will share with you, to attract enough serious qualified associates to not only quickly pay the trivial expenses, but continue on to earn hundreds in residual profits that increases month after month. I will set up a TURNKEY SYSTEM for you, so you can SEE it work for yourself!


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Learning New Skills

If there is one thing I am most thankful for (in regards to my Internet journey), it's that I took the time to learn how to create my own stuff. I have edited thousands of web pages to fit my own agenda, edited graphics files that you can do free with Pixlr.com and learned to write my own copy that has yielded more referrals for various programs and website ventures than I can even count.

Once you earn anything at all online, you are way ahead of most people who are trying right now. Why not offer them a little help from someone who started in the same place they are now?

To be honest, the reason I can make new plans pay from day one is because I know people I have worked with in the past (that know, like and trust me). That is the position you want to be in and I can help you get there.

If you are the least bit interested in this stuff, this is like getting a free paid scholorship to an Internet Marketing University along with a personal mentor that can eventually help you turn this into an income, by using skills that will last for a lifetime!

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