The plan is simple and it works very well. We simply split the referrals my ads get. You keep the first one (which pays your Monthly cost) and pass every other one after that back to me.

Why not just get your own referrals and keep them all?

My alternate method helps eliminate people joining and never doing anything,
then quitting in a few months when they don't make any money.
Once you see how easy this makes money every month,
you will . . . NEVER QUIT!

You get the COMPLETE plan set up for you to lay a solid foundation for passive residual income.

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Step 1 - Use Free Money to Start

The basic idea is that people online want something for nothing, so I show them how to easily Get Started Free. Then I help by advertising for them to get a few referrals.

Procrastination is eliminated after they see the actual cash. Not many want to quit once they are making money.

Anyone can get started by spending as little as 30 minutes a day on a free website to earn the $10 a month (plus a $1.50 service fee) required to subscribe to the tools we need. When we use those tools to get even ONE referral, it easily pays for itself and any work becomes optional.

Sure most of you could afford the $10 out of pocket, but that would not be as good a story to share. Start small and add on (like a kid placing one interlocking block on another) until you have an impressive castle to show.

All I ask, is that you read through this website to see if you end up with the faith that you can do this too. "Readers are Leaders"

We will use your tools to tell your story, so you see them actually working. Then you can use them to promote anything else you like (with no extra cost) so your ultimate progress is unlimited.

See The Tools You Get!

The Tools

(You can get these all over the Internet, but not with our support included.)

Premium Web Hosting

Complete cPanel hosting account with this page installed, along with one click installs of popular applications like WordPress (and many more).


Email is still a great way to build a residual income from relationships. Other email services can cost more than our entire plan!

Hands On Updates

You get current updates (like the latest version of this page) from Hands On Leaders who are actually using the same plan to make money.

We Care

This niche is ever changing, so you need help from others who walk the walk every day, not just talk about stale old methods that have lost their punch.


(There is a lot more, but this should be more than enough to justify $10 a month!)

Why We Are Different

What you read about here are not just PROMISES!

In my opinion, the most important factor for whatever you choose is not how much it promises to pay, but that it has a track record of paying for many years and will KEEP ON PAYING for many years to come.

I have personally used the tools website for a couple of years and the free website I started with has paid me since 2007. I have NEVER missed being fully compensated for all my earnings.

Notice that I don't pass referrals for the tools website up to my sponsor (as their plan shows) and I don't want my referrals finding them for me. I only promote my referrals link, so they earn more and want to keep paying me from PROFITS.

I was inspired to put this website together, because this backward plan has been working for me and I needed a way to pass it on for our mutual benefit. Once everyone is making money, they DON'T EVER QUIT!

It's time for a decision on what you will do next, so Keep Scrolling Down for my two best suggestions. Whatever you decide, I will still be happy to help you any way I can.

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Option 1- Earn The Money FIRST!

I will show you on the next page, how to spend about 30 minutes a day to earn more than enough to pay for this with no risk at all.

Option 2- Get Your OWN Tools NOW!

(Like I said, I only promote my referrals link, not mine).
I still profit when they pass every other link up to me, but I will fully support you either way.
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With the tools you get a headstart if you are comfortable enough with the plan to start sharing this with new prospects by helping them earn first.

Warren Contreras