I tried team building plans and kept on paying every month, while I waited for the rotator to give me referrals that never showed up. If one ever did join, they would quit when none showed up for them.


I use this page every day (to get referrals for those who join me) and you can do the same thing when I set this page up with your links. I know how to make this pay, as you can see by this screenshot.

I tried a Team Building Plan for AIOP for a year and paid out $138 with not one single referral as a result. One welcome benefit of AIOP, is if you get stuck in a plan that isn't working, use a new email address to join with us and build your own business.

I use a free website to fund the business and buy advertising to promote it for us.This website has been paying me for over a decade and I have figured out how to make it work even better in the last couple of months! Watch the video below for more details.

If You Live In The USA Or Canada You Can Join Fusioncash Free From Here
Free Money at FusionCash!

When you sign up, be sure to check the box that allows your sponsor to contact you so I can help.

If You Got This Far, You Probably Wonder If It Could Possibly Work For You, Right?

The reason it works is, it's simple and transparent..

I already have a Significant Paid Advertising Fund to get referrals for the direct referrals under me (from the first day they join)

My direct referrals help me every month, by continuing to pay me (because I help them get referrals that pay them every month).

They pass every other one I find for them back up to me, so I earn more too without them losing anything.

I duplicate this web page for them with their links in place of mine so they can do the same thing without waiting for the team to do it for them.

Updated video shows it's working!

The Logic Details

USA residents can join Fusioncash free, but it is only worthwhile to join if they are going to spend the time (a couple of hours a day) to earn enough to fund their business and keep it going. They will need to use this to pay their own $11.50 AIOP subscription until they have one or two direct referrals, then it becomes self-sustaining. Keep in mind, you must have at least $15 earned from Fusioncash offers (like Tap Research Surveys) to be allowed to withdraw anything.

I leave my Fusioncash link on all pages and use the funds it generates to promote for all of us (a very small group) unless you decide to join Fusioncash too and duplicate what I do.

NON-USA Residents are not allowed to join Fusioncash, but they can still benefit by having my Fusioncash link on their page. It helps USA residents see how they can earn their way in free and also helps me advertise to get us all more AIOP referrals. I never promote my own AIOP link, since I get more benefit promoting yours.

If you want to earn your way in free, I can add any program you have (or suggest some I have used) that will pay your way.

I talk to a lot of folks all over the world in various communities and forums, who only dream about making money online like those in Tier One countries and this can finally help level the playing field.